Our Favorite Triathlon Gear Right Now

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From the freshest shades to the newest helmets to the latest swim-bike-run tech, these products are some of our favorites we're using right now.


Roka Cambridge Sunglass


Roka—known for high-performance wetsuits and multisport apparel—has recently launched the Cambridge, retro-style sunglasses with modern features that make them so fun to wear. Weighing in at a scant 22g, these sunglasses all but disappear on your face; the no-slip nose and temple pads are just so comfortable while also ensuring that the Cambridge won't fall off of your face. The clarity provided by the polarized lenses in nearly all daylight levels was truly amazing, and allowed us to read the displays on our electronics with polarized screens with a crispness we've never experienced. We were skeptical about the smudge-resistant lens claim, but sure enough, it was challenging to leave obscuring fingerprints on the lenses. The Roka Cambridge is available in three different frame/lens combinations, and comes with a carry bag that doubles as a lens wipe, a hard case and a spare set of nose pads.

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Lezyne CNC Travel Floor Drive Pump


Diminutive is not a bad thing when talking travel accessories. We want the most efficient and compact items to be durable and effective. The Lezyne CNC Travel Floor Drive pump held up under the stresses of international travel, as well as banging around transition zones in the early morning hours when daylight was minimal and we were just half-awake. Inflating an empty 23mm tube to 100lbs took just 36 strokes. To be sure, the high-sheen, CNC aluminum body is tough; the easy-to-read analog gauge was dead-on accurate, even after being knocked around. The hose tucks nicely into the one-piece handle, and we could stow the pump in a transition bag without much hassle—which is exactly what we want from a travel pump. Weight: 840g; Max PSI: 160

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Wahoo Elemnt ROAM


When we first got our hands on the Wahoo Elemnt ROAM, we were immediately impressed with a few hardware features: the size of the display and how easy it was to read the sharp, transflective screen in direct sunlight. Configurable LEDs along the left side of the face let us know our relative effort, and LEDs across the top front of the unit provided directional cues. Six easy-to-press buttons made operating the Elemnt ROAM a breeze. The default screens for ROAM provide navigation and ride data—speed, time, distance, elevation. With ANT+ and BTLE sensors paired, we had access to physiological metrics like heart rate, power output and pedal RPMs. We were able to easily create a custom screen, which displayed our most-used data points. The recently updated bar mount kept the Wahoo Elemnt ROAM secure on our bike.

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Lazer Century Helmet


With 18 ample vents and plush cushioning, the Lazer Century helmet is similar to other road cycling helmets at this price point. But what sets the Lazer Century apart is the rechargeable battery that powers a built-in, rear-facing LED that provides the wearer improved visibility for day and nighttime riding. One reviewer found the Lazer Century to be comfortable as soon as she put it on and nearly forgot she was wearing it during a post-ride espresso stop. We noted that the removable vent on the top of the helmet allowed for additional airflow during our longer rides on hotter days. Those who wear their hair long will be delighted that the retention system does not interfere with pony tails and other similar hairstyles.

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Castelli Short Distance Race Suit


Castelli has really nailed the minimalist fit with maximal function and comfort with the ITU Tri Suit. We were aware of its second skin-like fit on the swim and the comfort afforded by the minimalist chamois on the bike. Once we were through T2,and out on the run, it was pretty easy to grab the between-the-shoulders zipper and pull it down for a little added cooling on the run. And we forgot about the chamois completely. The finishing around the arm openings and neck went unnoticed, which is to say: chafe-free.

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Squirt Chain Lube


Keeping our bike drivetrains running smoothly saves watts and prolongs the life of wearable parts. Squirt Chain Lube is a biodegradable emulsion, which means it bound to and stayed on our chain and did not collect dirt, further reducing friction and wear. After Squirt was applied—following the instructions for optimal performance—our shifting was fast and smooth, and our chain looked new, even hundreds of miles after application. So pro!

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Light & Motion Vya Pro Commuter Smart Lights


The Light & Motion Vya Pro Commuter Smart Lights were just the thing we wanted for extra high visibility during our commutes in broad daylight, as well as after the sun went down. Mounted securely to our seatpost and handlebars with a silicone band, the Vya Smartlights were easily turned on and off by twisting the body of the light in the mount. The smart technology put the light to sleep when no motion was detected for 20 seconds--but even the slightest movement kept the lights running, even at stop signs and signaled intersections. The Vya Pro Smartlight is rechargeable, using a standard USB connector.

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Altra Torin 4


Running in the Altra Torin 4 with its slightly unusual shape to match the natural anatomical design of our feet, we noticed we could run more and more frequently with less post-run soreness. Despite the appearance of a distance shoe, we laced up the Torin for our shorter speed workouts, too. The Torin 4 is a zero drop shoe—this means no downward slope from the heel to toe—with quite a bit of lightweight, high density foam for cushioning. The ride provided was firm and responsive enough without transmitting any jarring feel on rough surfaces.

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