How Swimmers Can Improve Their Body Position

Practice Set

  • Focus: Use the Front Float Drill to work on adjusting the position of your hips and chest.
  • 4x25: Start each 25 with Front Float Drill and then transition to moderately paced freestyle focusing on adjusting the position of your chest and hips as necessary.
  • 50 Freestyle: Moderate pace focusing on balanced body position.

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Help! It's Not Working!

  • Are you looking forward? This can cause your hips to sink. Focus on relaxing your neck and looking downward as you swim.
  • Are your arms continually moving? This can cause your shoulders to rise up in the water and your hips to sink. Try letting your forward arm extend forward and pause briefly after entering the water.
  • If all else fails, cheat! Use a pull buoy—it will allow you to understand how effective a slight change in the way your body balances in the water can affect your overall efficiency and speed.

When you improve your body position in the water, you will also improve every other aspect of your swimming technique. The next time you go to the pool, spend some time experimenting with your body position—you might just find yourself swimming faster.

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