Her Story: Kristin Mayer, Up to the Challenge

Because nothing motivates us to stay healthy and active more than hearing stories of other athletic women, Her Sports + Fitness brings you Her Story, profiles of women like you.

Photo by Tim Tadder
Kristin Mayer
Encinitas, California

Sports:  Triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, snow skiing 

Age:  40

Job: Creative Director of Her Sports + Fitness and freelance graphic designer

How I got started in sports: I grew up outside of Boston, and my folks put me on snow skis and water skis when I was 6. I also played on an all-boys baseball team (one of two girls in the entire league) and dreamt of being the first woman to play Major League Baseball. When it wasn't cool to play on a boy's team anymore, I took up soccer and tennis.

Athletic highlights: Crossing the finish line at the 1998 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and consistently placing in the top 10 to 15 percent of my age group in triathlon. Plus, I must include labor and delivery of my son in 2002, which lasted more than 25 hours!

Athletic goals: To continue to set PRs and push my own limits. I love setting goals--athletically, professionally and personally--and seeing if I can reach them.

Biggest training obstacle I've overcome: When I was diagnosed with Grave's disease (overactive thyroid) in 1999, my athletic lifestyle came to a screeching halt. I took a hard look at my training and stress levels and made changes. I took up yoga, improved my nutrition and tried to let stress go. I've been in remission since.

Weekly training routine: It's a juggling act. I make my 6-year-old son the priority when he's home and find a way to fit in the rest. My first workout is done before most people are up--I've been known to cycle on a bike trainer for two hours at 4 a.m. Typically I train about 14 hours a week at the height of triathlon season, completing three swims, three to four bike rides, five runs and two strength-training sessions.
Nutrition as training: I call it my fifth sport. You have to be serious about how you fuel your body. I still never eat enough fruits or veggies.

If I could change one thing, I'd: Have four or five kids. I fantasize about the chaos.

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