Danskin Triathlon Series Joins Trek Women Triathlon Series

The Xxtra Mile LLC, a women's and girls' active lifestyle company founded in 2008, has added the Danskin Triathlon Series to its 2010 roster of properties. The long-running and highly successful Danskin Series, built by Xxtra Mile partner Maggie Sullivan, joins the Trek Women Triathlon Series as the newest Xxtra Mile property. The two series are the sport's only major women's triathlon series created by women, run by women, exclusively for women.

The Trek Women Triathlon Series, in its second year, is currently scheduled for eight U.S. markets in 2010, while the Danskin Women's Triathlon Series is slated for six races in 2010, although that number is expected to increase.

"We are thrilled to have both the Trek Women Triathlon Series and now 'the Danskin' as Xxtra Mile properties," said Maggie Sullivan. "Each Series will have its unique dimensions, but each has women and girls as its sole focus, and both are about much more than 'doing a race.' They are celebrations that encourage women to reach inside themselves, push the edges, and do so in a fun, supportive and non-intimidating environment."

"Early registration for the second year Trek Series is ahead of last year, while several of our Danskin events are nearly closed out," said Margie Pritchard, partner, The Xxtra Mile. Both the Trek Women and the Danskin Series are sprint triathlons consisting of a half-mile swim (.75 kilometer), 12.5-mile bicycle ride (20 kilometers) and 3.1-mile run/walk (6 kilometers). "Both events are for women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and athletic ability," added Pritchard. "It's not always about winning, for many of our athletes 'finishing is winning'."

Sullivan-Led Danskin Series

Since its inception in 1990 through 2008, Maggie Sullivan, former VP Sports Marketing Director, served as the series director of the Danskin Women's Triathlon Series and led the team which built "the Danskin" into the largest and longest running women's sport Series in the world. Today, the Danskin Series is a fixture in women's competitive and multi-sport events, with more than 130 races and 250,000 participants since Sullivan started her work with the Series more than 20 years ago.

"Our team has delivered the triathlon experience to hundreds of thousands of women across the country, but what still excites us most is the look of sheer joy and achievement as each competitor crosses the finish line," said Sullivan. "I am also especially grateful for the incredible support, commitment and enthusiasm we've received from our corporate partners over the years. This sort of collaborative undertaking adds new dimension to the expression "It takes a village."

2010 Race Dates & Venues

While additional races are expected to be added to the schedule in coming years, the 2010 schedules for the Trek Women Triathlon Series and the Danskin Triathlon Series are as follows:

2010 Trek Women Triathlon Series

  • East Bay, Northern California (Pleasanton) -- June 27
  • RexPlex/Pleasant Prairie, WI (Chicagoland)-- July 11
  • Monroe, MI -- July 18
  • Columbus, OH -- July 25
  • Orlando, FL -- September 5
  • Seattle, WA -- September 19
  • Austin, TX -- October 3
  • Palm Springs, CA -- October 10

2010 Danskin Triathlon Series

  • Orlando, FL -- May 9
  • Austin, TX -- June 6
  • Seattle, WA -- August 15
  • RexPlex/Pleasant Prairie, WI (Chicagoland) - August 22
  • New England -- TBD
  • Denver, CO -- TBD
  • Sandy Hook, NJ -- September 12

Charitable Partners

The Xxtra Mile is proud to continue its partnerships with both The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and The National Association of Team Survivor (NATS).  

BCRF was founded in 1992 by the Lauder family. It is one of the nation's highest ranked charitable groups.

NATS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization for women who have a present or past diagnosis of cancer, provides women with free group exercise, health education classes and support programs.

The Xxtra Mile provides members of Team Survivor competing in their first triathlon with complimentary registration at either the Trek Women or Danskin event. Members of Team Survivor are also honored at each race, and stand together at the starting line with the support of the thousands of other race competitors.

100 percent of money raised through the Participant Pledge Program goes directly to the BCRF and NATS.

About The Xxtra Mile LLC

The Xxtra Mile was formed in 2008 to provide a platform to deliver high quality, life-changing, women-only active lifestyle events. The Xxtra Mile's properties include The Trek Women Triathlon Series, The Danskin Triathlon Series, The Holiday Half Marathon Series, a multi-distance, all female running series, Team Future, a mentoring program for young women, and Braids, a think tank for women's and girl's active lifestyle initiatives.  Each of these properties has as its sole focus, women helping other women.

For further information on the Trek Women Triathlon Series, go to www.trekwomenstriathlonseries.com or call 877-221-9665 (toll free).

For further information on the Danskin Triathlon Series, go to www.danskintriathlon.net or call 877.221.9665 (toll free).

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