53 Thoughts During a Winter Swim Workout

The Gradual Descent

A cat and a bathtub

30. What if I just ease in, instead of jumping?

31. That sounds much better.

32. Okay I’m sitting down now and my feet are in.

33. Almost there!

34. I thought the pool was heated?

35. Maybe I’ll have to heat it myself…

36. Okay halfway in. I can do this!

37. Can’t hang over the edge any longer, have to commit.

38. 3…2…1…PLUNK

39. Hey, that wasn’t so bad!  

The Escape

A goat jumping over ice.

40. Okay, almost done with my set.

41. Time to get out!

42. Wait, it’s freezing outside!

43. I think I’m gonna be stuck in this pool forever.

44. Why’d I leave my towel on the bench way over there?

45. If I swim over to the ladder, I can get out faster.

46. HERE WE GO!!!

47. It burns!!!

48. High knees, high knees, high knees!!!

49. Is this cement or an ice rink??

50. Stop running, lifeguard? You aren’t the one who’s wet!

51. There better be hot water left.

52. I’ve never been happier to be in a locker room.

53. …I have to do this again on Friday???

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