53 Thoughts During a Winter Swim Workout

The Disrobing

Joey in a sweater

9. At least the locker room is always warm.

10. All these layers don’t fit in my swim bag.

11. I wish I could just swim in this jacket.

12. Oh yeah, that’s called a wetsuit.

13. The pool’s heated, can’t wear it.

14. Now for the long walk from the locker room to my lane.

15. Hey, maybe there won’t be any open lanes!

16. Nope, the one on the end is wide open.

17. I feel like it wasn’t this cold earlier.

18. Okay, I’m doing this.  

The Countdown

Counting down

19. Googles and swim cap on, earplugs in.

20. AHHHH I don’t wanna!

21. *Dips toe in*

22. Yup, gonna be miserable.

23. 3…2…1…

24. Okay wait, recount. I wasn’t ready.

25. 3…2…1…

26. I think my goggles are a little foggy.

27. Can’t swim with foggy goggles.

28. Much better, here we go.

29. 3…2…1…

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