6 Tips to Race Faster

Train the Details

"Anyone can show up on race day," Walton says. "But if you want to race it, you have to prepare for it." And that involves months of diligence beforehand, not just in preparing your body but also prepping your nutrition plan.

Should you take a caffeinated gel two minutes before you get to a long climb? The only way to know is to find out—long before race day.

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Race More

"The logistics of race day can be distracting," Walton says. "The more times you pack your car for a race and get your nutrition together, the better you get at it." And the better you are at logistics, the more you can focus on executing your race strategy.

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Set a Time Goal

"If you set a goal like 'wanting to finish strong,'" Walton says, you can let yourself slack a little bit when you're back in the woods on mile four of the run. But if you set a time goal, "you can't bargain your way out of it."  

With these triathlon-racing tips, you can be at ease on the course and maybe even land yourself a spot on the podium.

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