4 Ways to Train Smart

Exercise Loves Company

Once you've started those early-morning workouts, try and recruit a friend or two. If you're a runner, pick a time to meet a few buddies and tackle those five miles together. If you are a triathlete, join an early-morning masters' class. If you are a gym rat with a personal trainer, reschedule to meet at sunrise.

The more friends that are waiting for you at the trailhead, the more reasons you'll have to get out of bed and get exercising.

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Stick With Your Plan

It's all the same regardless of the event. Whether it's a 5K, 10K, marathon, triathlon or century ride, it's important to find a good plan that meets your needs, and to stick with it. The training plan could come from a coach, personal trainer or a fitness website. If a personal record is in your sights, consider a plan developed by a coach.

Amateur athletes oftentimes make a common mistake and tweak an effective training plan. That lone wolf approach can lead to injury, disappointment and a bad race day.

If you're going to incorporate speed work into your training regimen, don't pick the time and distance because today feels right.

Speed work should be a part of a training plan. But changing up a plan and adding speed workouts in a haphazard way can lead to injury or at the very least be ineffective use of your time.

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