4 Tips to Survive Indoor Triathlon Training

Wouldn't it just be wonderful to live and train in Hawaii? A constant temperature of about 80 degrees with almost perfect year-round warm weather makes for an ideal outdoor training. But even Hawaii has its bouts of stormy weather that forces aspiring triathletes to bring their triathlon training indoors.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your edge with indoor triathlon training.

Boredom Is the Enemy 

There's no way to sugar coat it: Training indoors, especially on bike trainer or treadmill, can be painful and boring.

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The outdoors provides all the distractions that help dull the pain and keep you moving. Wildlife, scenery and the twists and turns of the road can make it seem like time is flying by.

It's a different story indoors, where athletes running on a treadmill or pumping away on a bike trainer only have a TV. 

Why not make the most of that TV? Many new treadmills and stationary bikes have built-in TVs so turn them on and watch the morning news or your favorite reality show as you run or bike.

There's no shame in admitting you've spent a guilty hour watching Jerry Springer, especially if you managed to crank out six miles.  

Join a Class

The weather is lousy and there's no way you'll get the 30-mile ride that you're supposed to. 

You could jump on the trainer and pound out a painful 30 stationary miles, or you could go to your local gym and join a spin class.

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Sure you may not exactly ride 30 miles this day, but you'll most certainly spend a speedy and interesting hour, while still getting in some quality bike time.

Indoor Running Workouts Rock

Did you know some health clubs offer organized indoor running workouts during the winter?

The concept is similar to a bike spin class. A health club coach or personal trainer will pen a group treadmill run that is designed to be fun and challenging.

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Check with your local club or gym and find out if they offer these organized group treadmill runs. If they do, make sure to try it out. It's fun and will help you avoid the snow and sleet in the winter, which can make for a dangerous run.

Mental Toughness

You Ironman training plan calls for a 70-mile bike ride, but a late spring snowstorm has covered the roads with snow. Don't let the bad weather scuttle your plans, even if you're supposed to get a long ride in. You might just find you're mentally a little tougher at the end of a long indoor triathlon training workout.

Be prepared to get bored, irritable and to feel like quitting the whole exercise. If you can get through those four hours of tedium, you've ended up making a huge deposit in the Ironman bank.

Once race days rolls around your body and perhaps more importantly, your mind, will be ready for all the challenges that come with a long event. 

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