10 Ways to Get a Workout on Vacation

8. Make a Splash

Lounging by the poolside is a common activity during vacation. So, while you're lounging, why not hop in the pool every half-hour for a swim? If you're not a strong swimmer, try walking through water that is higher than waist deep. The simple act of moving against the water's resistance will provide a moderate workout.

9. Catch Up With Family

Many vacations involve visits to relatives, near and far. This year, instead of chatting about the latest news over chips and salsa, invite Aunt Sue for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. Enjoy some quality time with your family while doing something good for your body at the same time.

10. Come Prepared

Check the weather for your vacation destination and be sure to bring comfortable workout gear. The last thing you need is one more reason to ditch your workout plans.

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