How to Determine Your Playing Strengths

[Editor's Note: This is a two-part story on developing a tennis strategy. Click here to read part two: How to determine your playing style.]

Increasing your knowledge about tennis strategy is one of the quickest ways to improve your tennis. Although there are a lot of components dealing with match strategies, to jump start your tennis (and strategies) here are two areas to focus on:

First, it is important to know your strengths.? Strengths can range from different shots such as a forehand topspin, a hard, flat serve or a lob. Or strengths can refer to conditioning and attitude.

It may take the help of your friends, a coach or even your opponents to find an accurate and realistic chart of your strengths.? Asking them what they consider to be your strengths will help you analyze your game. The answers may surprise you; what a player might perceive as a strength, a majority of opponents may think is a weakness.? It may also show you that the shot you like to try to hit may not actually be one of your strengths.

Here are some basic questions to ask:
Is my backhand better than my forehand?
Is my consistency from the baseline a strength?
Is my spin serve easier or harder to return than my flat serve?
Do I put pressure on you when I'm moving to the net?
Do I play harder when I'm behind?
Do you think my conditioning is a strength?

Now that you know your strengths you will want to hit those shots as much as possible. Structuring a playing style strategy will help put you in the position to hit and play your strengths most often.

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