A Quick Start to Youth Team Tennis

Youths age 10 and under will have a blast playing Midwest Youth Team Tennis throughout the USTA/Midwest Section this year.

The program consists of the QuickStart Tennis play format, utilizing equipment, court dimensions and scoring tailored to the player's age and size.?

"Tennis is a sport that kids can play and not have to sit on the sidelines at any time," said Midwest Youth Team Tennis coordinator and USPTA professional Chad Docktor. "By making it a team sport, kids get all of these benefits plus the social aspect of playing with their friends."

The Midwest Youth Team Tennis program is open for girls and boys ages 6 - 10 years. Whether or not the child has ever held a racket, there's a spot on the team for them.? The participant program package includes the following: new tennis racket (21 or 23 inch for 8-and-under, 25 inch for 10-and-under), Ace's Kids Club package, team uniform and tennis ball.

"Team match play is a great, non-competitive atmosphere for kids to learn to play the sport," said Docktor. "It incorporates playing the game to learn, rather than taking lessons to learn to play."

QuickStart Tennis is a format designed to help kids learn and play the game.? To make it easier for them, court sizes, racket sizes, balls, scoring system and the net height have been modified to better suit youth tennis.? The changes work, too.? Because now any child between ages five and ten can start playing tennis almost immediately – even if he or she has never picked up a racket.

"With the scaled-down court, smaller rackets and modified balls, we can now slow the game down where it can be played right away," said Docktor. "It gives the young players instant success."?

And just like other popular youth sports, QuickStart Tennis stresses the importance of play and team competition.? It's also now part of the Midwest Youth Team Tennis program.? More kids will have the opportunity to experience this new format, have fun playing with their friends and develop skills that will become the foundation of their game.

A new website, www.midwestteamtennis.com, has been designed for parents and youth to sign up for the program, obtain details on site locations and practice/play times in their local area, and more.?

Volunteer coaches are necessary to the success of the program.? The Midwest Youth Team Tennis program will provide training to parents selected as volunteer coaches.? Individuals and parents interested in serving as volunteer coaches may contact the person offering the program in their local area.

For more information on the Midwest Youth Team Tennis program visit www.midwestteamtennis.com.? Additional information on QuickStart Tennis is available at www.quickstarttennis.com.? Other questions may be directed to USTA/Midwest Section Junior Team Tennis Coordinator Chad Docktor.

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