8 Coach's Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game

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Tip 5: Foundation

I want you and your practice partner to start at the serve line but stand in between the singles and doubles lines. Rally or play points hitting only between the lines. 

As you gain confidence, move back further until you are on the baseline. It's critical that you have a solid foundation and complete balance in order to hit between the lines (also early preparation).

Tip 6: A Safety Target 

So many players will overplay the ball, including playing the lines. 

Vegas spends billions of dollars building casinos. Why? The majority of gamblers do not play the odds, they go for it and they lose!
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This is exactly what tennis players do; they defy the odds and go for winners. Watch how the pros build points, they play offensive but do not go for just winners. 

Tip 7: Boris Becker (He Had 4 Serves)

When I worked with Boris he taught me so many little things that helped me become a better coach. This is how he approached his serve:

Got into his ready position;
Went through his entire serve motion including where he would serve to;
He would do his 1st serve and repeat if he happened to miss his 1st.
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This ritual slowed him down and instilled in his mind what he would do when serving the ball.

Tip 8: When Do You Communicate?

There are so many opinions on when you talk, how you talk, and what you say to your player after a practice session or a match.

There are no two people alike, you have to adjust your method to fit the student's personality.

Nick Bollettieri has coached 10 players who have reached No. 1 in the world, including Andre Agassi, Boris Becker and Martina Hingis. To learn more, visit IMGAcademies.com.


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