7 Secrets to Becoming a Better Doubles Player

5. Less pace equals power

Recreational players often make the mistake of trying to hit the ball in doubles at the same pace they would in singles match.

Success in doubles requires a well- placed ball and team. Players often have to take pace off the shot in order to execute the better shot. Chipping the ball to an opponent's feet or lobbing over the net players are common shots in doubles that have a high success rate even though they're lacking in power.

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Blasting the ball at an opponent can result in a return volley too fast to handle. Your level of control also drops when you try to whack the ball instead of taking some pace off.

6. Ease your way forward

The best place for any doubles team is at the net. From there, you can carry out the volley -- the easiest technical shot to play -- which forces your opponents to try a passing shot.

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You also have the largest amount of court to aim when you're both at the net,? leaving your opponents with the smallest amount of court to aim at.

7. Follow basic doubles rules

Doubles is much more of a game of tactics and court position than singles. It's important to understand and implement some of the basic best practices of doubles match play.

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Each player in the team should understand their job in each of the four basic situations that occur (server, servers partner, returner & returners partner). As soon as you do this you will find your win-loss ratio take a sharp improvement.

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