7 Benefits of Better Footwork

5. Faster Speed

Speed is the X-factor behind winning in sport, and tennis is no exception.

Better footwork allows you to move and change direction on the court at increased speeds, and that not only keeps you in many points, it helps you turn defense into offense. It also helps you convert attacking situations into winning points.

6. Energy Conservation

One of the big factors behind club players not playing at their best is the fact that too many of them get tired too quickly, which in turn cause their form to dip.

Improving your footwork helps you conserve your energy because of the superior mechanics involved.Training to improve footwork is a great way to get fitter in all areas of your tennis fitness.

The end result is ability to play at a much higher level than before and for longer periods of time.

7. Injury Prevention

Injury is something that happens in sport, but you can affect the amount of times you get injured by improving your footwork.

By getting yourself into improved position on the court you significantly reduce the loads placed on the body at compromising angles, which subsequently leads to reduced injuries.

Also, by improving your fitness you delay the time before your body begins to fatigue, which is the state in which the chances of injury quickly increases.

In short, improving your footwork allows you to create more shot options, reduce unforced errors, hit with more power and control, move at increased speeds, all while conserving your energy and reducing your chances of injury. Do you think that would make you a better player?

The best news of all is that you only need 10 minutes at a time to start seeing a difference in the way you move and play. And you don't need to learn any new shots -- these benefits will happen with the game you have already.

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