7 Benefits of Better Footwork

Tennis footwork is probably the most misunderstood skill behind successful tennis.

Most players realize that footwork is vital for their success but the majority of them don't really understand how to go about improving it.

The sad thing is that unlike most of the other components that make up great tennis, footwork is something every player can improve regardless of age and ability.

It is also the one component that can transform your game to new heights without you having to pick up a racket or learn a bunch of new shots.

Often, when a player hits a wall with their game and they don't seem to be improving like they once were, a period of improving their footwork breathes new life into their game and propels them to new heights.

But what exactly can improved footwork do for you?

Here are seven great reasons why you need to start working on your tennis footwork... today!

1. Increased Shot Options

The thing about having poor footwork is that you are often left to play the only shots open to you because other more suitable shots are out of reach because of poor positioning.

Normally what happens is that players still go for these "more suitable" shots and miss them because their poor footwork and court coverage meant they weren't properly prepared to execute the shot.

Improving your footwork means you get to balls sooner and in better position than ever before -- and this gives you a greater choice about what to do with the ball.

Crosscourt, down the line, deep or angled... the choice is yours. And not only are you better placed to play a variety of shots, you soon begin to see an improvement in your shot selection.

2. Reduced Unforced Errors

Reducing unforced errors is the quickest way to see your tennis results dramatically improve. This is true for all levels of the game, especially at the club level where the ability to hit lots of winners is usually less than in the pro game.

Not having to play shots from too close to the ball or too far away helps you to keep the unforced errors down while increasing your chances of winning the match.

3. Increased Power

As your footwork improves and you get to the ball in good time and in good position, you increase your ability to strike the ball with more power.

You get to use your legs better and drive into the ball which only leads to more powerful shots -- and a headache for opponents.

4. More Control

Winning in tennis is all about control -- control of the tennis ball and control of yourself.

Improved footwork and court position allows you to control the ball with the shots you play. It also allows you to control your movements around the court, which means that you get to play more shots every point.

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