4 Tactical Tennis Strategies That Make a Big Difference in Your Game

It's troubling how often players fail to focus on the basic tactical fundamentals in their matches. By simply improving on the basics and becoming a master of these simple tactical arts, a player will begin to see more wins, and in the process beat better opponents. 
Follow these four basic tactical strategies that will add wins to your game. When the steps are properly followed, players begin beating opponents they wouldn't have ever expected to.

Find Your Opponent's Weakness

Quickly identifying and honing in on your opponent's weakness seems obvious. However the majority of players don't. With most levels of players, an opponent's weakness is their backhand.

Aim to hit more than 70 percent of your shots to their weakness, until the court opens up to attack their strength if need be. Even if 70 percent is unattainable it will still create the right attacking mindset.

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Rafael Nadal won his first Wimbledon against Roger Federer in 2008 with this basic tactic, hitting a heavy-deep ball (off his forehand) into Federer's backhand. It wasn't rocket-science and it won him the greatest title in tennis. 

Notice he used his strength against Federer's weakness. You're aiming to do the same thing. If you're hitting your backhand into their backhand (assuming these are both the weaker shots in both you and your opponents game) then it's just an even playing field. Hone in on their weakness with your strength.

Allow For a Margin of Error

The pro's respect the fact that they never quite hit their targets. They allow for margin-of-error over both the net and within the lines of the court. Focus on this, especially when in a defensive situation, aiming to hit deep and down the middle of the court. Tennis Drills HQ has a great drill for practicing this.

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