13 Tips to Win Your Next Tennis Match

10. Pay Attention to the Speed of Play

This includes ball speed as well as between point and changeover playing speed. If the opponent prefers an aggressive, quick pace of play, slow it down. 

Controlling the pace of the match is called rhythm disruption and it is very much a part of high performance tennis.

11. Use Your Changeover Wisely

Use the allocated 90 seconds to design or modify the next two game's plan of attack instead of simply getting a Gatorade stain on your new shirt while watching the play over on court No. 6.

12. Implement a Between-Point Ritual

The proper between point rituals are just as important as changeover rituals in implementing a successful plan of attack. 

Defeating a top ranked opponent is a complicated affair. It may require a bit of mental warfare to outsmart a seasoned champion.

13. Stay Composed

Athletes who train correctly perform with a sense of elite composure. They remain poised even when things aren't going well. 

Often in tennis, the player who simply loses their cool often loses the close matches. The art of winning requires being unflappable under stress and this skill is earned through proper training.


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