13 Strength Training Tips for Tennis Players

8. Use All Three Methods

A well-balanced workout should include dynamic effort, max strength and repeated effort exercises.

Traditional strength training programs have wrongly borrowed from outdated body building concepts and focused overwhelmingly on building max strength. 

However, you need to remember that the most important factor is the rate of force production. In the world of sport, speed is king.

This method, known as dynamic effort, uses relatively lighter weights moved at max speed.

Your workout routine should also employ max strength exercises, which involves lifting heavy loads, and the so-called repeated efforts method, exercises that use multiple sets and reps.

9. Variation

Conventional wisdom tells us a training routine should progressively increase. But many folks don't realize that a training program should also be progressively and periodically varied.

If you spend too much time on one program you'll habituate to the positive aspects while accumulating the negative aspects. This creates performance plateaus and injury situations.

Keep things varied to keep your body guessing.

10. Avoid Mimicking Skills

Make sure the roles of strength and conditioning and skill training are separate. Overloading a technique affects the mechanics of the technique negatively.

If there is any danger that the training you are doing forces you to change your technique then stop immediately. Remember, the role of conditioning training is not skill training.

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