10 Ways to Celebrate National Tennis Month

May is National Tennis Month, offering 31 days to celebrate the ultimate mind and body sport that sharpens your mind as it shapes your body.

If you've been gone from the game, now's the time to rekindle your fire for tennis. And if you're an avid player, here are 10 ways to give back to the sport that offers so much.

Take part in a USTA Block Party
Tennis Block Parties are a series of grassroots events designed to highlight the game of tennis in a fun and interactive way. Hosted at public parks facilities across the country, Block Parties feature three hours of tennis instruction, interactive games and other attractions that offer people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to learn and enjoy the many benefits of the game. Find a Block Party near you in this guide from the USTA.

Join a league near you
From USTA leagues to local tennis clubs, taking part in a great tennis match is as easy as a phone call to your local tennis league. Join a league near you and improve your game, meet some new people and see what tennis in your neighborhood has to offer.

Take lessons from a coach
Whether it's a friend of yours or a certified USTA professional, the best way to improve your game is to work with a coach. From learning the basics or improving your NTRP, 30 minutes of coaching a week can make a dramatic difference in your game. And give you the confidence and motivation to test your skills in a tournament near you.
Start a corporate challenge
More than a game for keeping the body in shape, tennis also offers a great workout for your mind. You've heard of the Art of War applied to the workplace, take your game face to the office and see how your co-workers stack up against your serve.

Compete in a tournament
Testing your skills in a tournament near you is a great way to catch the excitement of tennis. From USTA sanctioned events to local opens, there are lots of ways to have fun playing tennis in a casually competitive environment.

Organize and coach a youth team
If you are interested in providing young players with a healthy lifetime activity, consider becoming a USTA Jr. Team Tennis League Coordinator. No prior tennis experience is needed to organize and conduct a successful youth league. An interest in tennis and inspiring young players to take part in the sport are the necessary prerequisites for becoming a tennis ambassador.

Channel the spirit of tennis
What is it about sprinting around a 300x200 ft. rectangle that keeps players coming back for a lifetime? Is it the challenge, the camaraderie, the pursuit of the little yellow ball? Dust off your racket and find out for yourself by playing a match today.

Take part in a tennis camp
Tennis camps are more than just summertime fun. They're a great way to get noticed by a college, improve your skills at any age or get away on a working vacation. Find a tennis-intensive camp near you and get started on achieving your goal.

Start a tennis blog
Making the leap from a 3.0 game to a 4.0? Detail your experience in an online blog and share your victories with the online community. Amid press conferences, training, travel and maintaining the world No. 1 spot, Rafael Nadal blogs on a regular basis. What's your excuse?

Get out and play at a public park
Since 1923, public parks have played a vital role in the tradition of American tennis. From Pancho Gonzales to James Blake; Billy Jean King to Chris Evert, the careers of many great tennis professionals began in one of the thousands of public parks across the U.S. Take part in the 2009 Public Parks Championships and reserve your place in tennis history.

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