3 Tips To Play Like a Pro

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The best tennis players in the world haven't reinvented the game, in terms of technical and tactical play. What they put into practice at any pro level ATP/WTA tour event is similar to the basic fundamentals that any recreational competitive player uses. 

Of course, there are certain techniques the pros use that even a seasoned competitive local player can't duplicate. 

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The key difference in putting the following points into practice is that the pros have mastered this art. Your job as a local competitive player is to develop your game so that it gets as close to perfect as you can attain.

Here are three lessons you can use to play like the pros. 

The Pros Do the Basics Exceptionally Well

Professional tennis players don't try and reinvent the game; they're still hitting the same shots they learned as juniors and they're still keeping their tactics relatively basic. The difference? They make sure they can execute these basics perfectly.

Don't try and do too much on court. Understand what your limitations are as a player. Focus on consistency rather than trying to go out and smash winners, or serves if you're unable to do point after point. 

Focus on having solid technique (get coached by a local pro if this is an area you need help with), and keep your tactics basic. 

Remember Rafael Nadal won his first Wimbledon against Roger Federer in 2008 with this basic tactic, hitting a heavy-deep ball (off his forehand) into Federer's backhand. 

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