10 Winning Strategies From the Pros

Watch any professional tennis game and you might just learn something. You'll probably never hit as hard as Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams. But that doesn't mean you can't use some of the same techniques the pros use to win matches. 

Follow these 10 steps to help improve your own game. 

Watch One Player's Feet

Most pros take 10 steps for every three steps and a ranked junior player takes three. Recreational players take even fewer steps. 

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Watch the shoes of a pro the next time a tournament is televised. The more you move your feet, the better your game will be. 

Watch Between Point Rituals

Pros often appear to be looking at their strings between points. What they're really doing is using internal vision. 

Pros control their emotions and spot tendencies. This means they pay attention to how points are being won and lost. They use the short time between points to keep their emotions in check and analyze the points that have been played. 

Spot the Shot

Pros have determined their next shot long before the incoming ball reaches the net. The next time a pro match is televised, practice calling out the correct choice as a player prepares to strike. 

If you can spot the appropriate selection with a pro, spotting your opponents next shot will become easier.

Spot the Angle

Changing the angle is encouraged when you are inside the court. It's discouraged when you're behind the baseline. 

Watch for appropriate angle changing and inappropriate angle changing attempts by the pros. Even top pros often miss when they attempt a down the line screamer from way behind the court.

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