Use Sculling to Develop Water Sensitivity

Have you ever observed how effortlessly an Olympic swimmer moves through the water? It may seem strange how smooth and easy, yet unbelievably fast, they swim. One of the reasons they're so efficient is because they have a great feel for the water.

To improve your Sculling Drill No. 3

Float face down and propel yourself feet first. Your hands and arms are extended as you scull in front of your face. The wrists must be flexed upward with palms facing the wall you're moving away from. This technique will help develop maximum pressure on the hand.

At each practice, spend some time focusing on sculling and you'll begin to see significant improvements in your feel of the water. You'll develop an awareness of hand and arm position with each stroke which can be used as a base for other drills.

"No matter how hard you train, no matter how great your genius for cardiovascular work, you will not progress dramatically in this sport without good or great technique. Great technique is impossible without superior feeling and awareness with the water." - Ron Johnson

Jen Adley earned her BS in Biology and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. She is a practicing, board-certified physical therapist for Body Pros Physical Therapy and coaches athletes for The Sport Factory. She is licensed by USA swimming with over 10 years coaching experience. Jen has twice received an honorable mention ranking from USA Triathlon. You may reach her at

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