3200-Meter Swimming Workout

Print this 3200-meter swimming set and head to the pool.

WARM UP: 300 Choice


4x100: 50 Fists / 25 Scull / 25 Count strokes, take 1 stroke off each time through, 15-second rest

4x75: 25 Count strokes, take 1 stroke off each time through/50 Build, 10-second rest

4x25: Easy, focus on excellent technique, 5-second rest


9x50: Descend 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 @ Cruise +5 seconds
3x300: Descend 1-3 in the last 100 of each swim @ Cruise +15 seconds

  • 1,2 -- All FAST @ cruise -5 seconds
  • 3 -- All Easy @ cruise +15 seconds
  • 4-6 -- Repeat 1-3
  • 7-9 -- Repeat 1-3


6x50: 12.5 yards or meters easy / 15 seconds vertical kick / 25 yards fast / 12.5 yards easy (pick your own rest)

TOTAL: 3200

Cruise: An interval you can comfortably swim 100 meters freestyle with about 10-15 seconds rest between 100s. Example: 5x100 on 1:45, coming in around 1:35 on each 100.

Descend: Get faster throughout the set. Example, 4x100 Descend 1-4. #1 would be relatively easy, #4 is HARD.

Scull: Kicking on your stomach, put your hands out in front of you with palms facing the bottom of the pool. Press your palms outward with the little finger toward the surface, then rotate your hand and press inward with the thumb up. Feel the water pressure in both directions and do a figure eight with your hands at approximately the same depth throughout. Feel your body slightly lift as you move your hands in and out, keep your kick going.

Kevin coaches sessions for Masters swimming and triathletes in San Diego, and conducts a variety of clinics, private lessons and video-analysis of personal swim style with critique and correction. He has helped professional Ironman triathletes reach their goal, but his passion is to give the new triathlete the confidence to be successful in the swim portion of the race. He also runs the websites www.triswimcoachonline.com and www.triswimcoach.com, where you can find his products, including The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD and The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming.

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