Softball Indoor Court Drill

Sometimes you just gotta practice indoors. Whether it's because of rain or a lack of facilities, here is a fun practice drill teams can use to work on both their hitting and fielding skills.

Needs: Two teams, a bucket of incrediballs (softball training balls), bat and a plate.

Setting Up the Drill

One team is on defense, past half-court line and the other team (offense) is at bat.

The coach pitches from half-court line, if you're using a basketball court. Defense is scattered past the half-court line. (If you don't have these lines set up, use tape or chalk to set up boundaries.)

Defensive Rules

Because of the limited space, here are some clear out rules to keep the drill moving:

  • Hitting the ceiling is an out
  • A catch or clean-fielded grounder is out
  • Grounder hits court before half line is out
  • Swing and a miss is out

Offensive Points

So how does the team on offense score? Here's a breakdown of how teams can score points:

  • Batters get unlimited amounts of consecutive points, but only 1 out
  • If a player hits grounder through defense to the back wall = 1 pt.
  • Line drive to the back wall = 3 pts.
  • Fly to the back wall = 1 pts.
  • If there are hoops a drive to the opposing backboard is a slam. The offense screams "Slam" for 4 pts.
  • If a fielder BOBBLES a grounder or drops a fly the opposing team screams "bobble" and earns 5 pts.

Note: Once a team hits through the order you switch.

Function of the Drill

Both teams must scream their score between each pitch, if a team forgets a score they go back to 0 pts. This drill is especially fun after the first day of learning the rules. (Sometimes it can be a little much to do everything all at once.) The drill is really good at utilizing hitting, fielding, as well as communication and is very fast and competitive. Enjoy.

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Jason Gerum is a high school softball coach in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area.

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