Secrets of the Slash Bunt

The slash bunt is a great way for left-handed batters to counter an opponent's bunt defense. When infielders crash the plate this technique can be a good way to get on base--and disrupt an opponent's gameplan.

Why You Should Stand in the Back of the Box

First thing a hitter should do is position themsevles towards the back of the batter's box. This lets you approach the pitcher--during delivery--with many choices.

  • Dink a little bunt in front of the plate or towards third-base
  • Drag bunt the ball towards first base
  • Or even slap it through the charging defensive infielders

Art of the Slash Bunt

Perhaps one of the more powerful offensive weapons a hitter can utitlize is the slash bunt. The slash bunt is accomplisehd when a hitter presents a bunt stance but then at the last minute slashes hard at the ball with an inside-out swing.

Being careful to reach an outside pitch, this slash bunt will usually produce a soft tailing hit over the third-basemen's head falling near the grass and heading towards foul territory.

Most quick lefties can get a double out of this type hit. Also, when this movement produces a ground ball, a left hand batter gets a great jump towards beating out the play.

Add the slash bunt to your offensive arsenal and you might be surprised how effective it can be.

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