Softball Tryout Scoring System

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I am the coach of a Rec all-star team in New Jersey and was looking for a fair way to score players. I was trying to be as open and fair as possible, so that it doesn't appear to favor any players.

I don't like the traditional scoring where you rate a kid on a 1 - 5 or 1 - 10 scale, because that can be viewed as favorable to certain players.

I came up with a mathematical scoring system that might be helpful for your tryouts.

How it Works

I hold a 3-day tryout, players must attend 2 out of 3. I score on a 100-point system.

30 points for hitting: Each player gets 10 pitches off of the pitching machine. Each hit multiplies out by 3 to get the 30 points. I give one bonus point for line drives to the outfield and deduct a point for infield pop-ups.

20 points for bunting: Each player gets five pitches off of the pitching machine. Each fair bunt is worth four points.

10 points for Fly Balls: Each player gets three fly balls, using the pitching machine. One right at the player, one to their right, and one to their right. Each caught ball is worth 3.33 points, 10 for catching all three.

10 points for Ground Ball: Each player is put at SS and gets three ground balls. One at them, one to their right and one to their left. A ball fielded cleanly and thrown online to first gets full credit. A ball caught cleanly but thrown poorly receives half credit. A ball bobbled or missed, but thrown online to first gets half credit. A ball completely missed is worth zero. Each credit is worth 3.33, a perfect 10 for fielding and throwing all three clean.

10 points for Arm Strength/Speed out of the glove: Each player is placed at SS and hit two ground balls right at them. A stopwatch is used and started upon impact with the glove and stopped on impact with the first baseman's glove. The two times are averaged together. Players are ranked in order of speed. Based on 20 players, the top two times get 10 points, the next two times nine the slowest two times getting one point.

10 points for Running Speed Home to First: A stopwatch is started on the word GO and stopped upon touching 1st. This is done twice, with scoring the same as timed throws.

10 points for Running Speed Second to Home: Timing and scoring is same as above.

I rank the players in order based on their 2 or 3 day average. Selecting the top number of players that I am looking for to fill the roster.

It seems like the fairest way to score a player/team in order to get the best all-around players for a team.