Batting Practice Contact Drill

Looking for a way to finish batting practice off with a bang? Here is a quick, easy contact drill perfect for fine-tuning your hitters' skills.

Setting Up the Drill

I don't know about you folks but I like to finish batting practice by having a contact drill. This specific workout only takes 7-10 minutes to complete.

All players line up next to the dugout with their bat and helmet ready to hit. Each batter gets one pitch, regardless if it is a strike or not, and must make contact.

How the Drill Works

A foul ball is good, a bunted ball must stay in fair territory. Each player that swings and misses, grabs his/her glove and shags balls.

The players that make contact return to the end of the line for there next chance. Keep going until you have one player left.

I use a pitching machine and usually have to crank the speed up towards the end. After all balls have been picked up, I usually have all the players except the winner of the contact drill sprint to the outfield fence and back. The 2nd place finisher only has to run half the distance.

Try it with your team and see if it can help energize your batting practice sessions.

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