1st and 3rd Double-Steal Drill

How to Do It

Divide players into three groups---1st base, 3rd base, and one hitting group. One player from each group receives sign from third base coach and executes the play. After each play, three new players repeat the same steps.

Each group will work at their station for x minutes and then rotate counter clockwise upon coaches command. Runners run full speed, but will not be required to slide. The rolling fingers is always on w/runners on 1st and 3rd.

Key: Perfect execution from all 3 players.

Equipment Needed:

Pitching machine, 3 buckets of machine balls, 3 shag buckets, Catchers gear, On deck, cloth Players, Screens, Bats Players, Helmets Players, Bases

  • Mgr 1:
  • Bases, pitching machine, catch live w/gear (make throws to 2b and 3b)
  • Mgr 2:
  • Bases, Screen (P), 3 shag buckets in shallow CF, shag bucket.
  • Coach:
  • 1b Coach, help w/screen (P).
  • Coach:
  • 3 buckets of machine balls, mock throw w/feed.
  • Coach:
  • 3b Coach (Give sign, command runner at 1st on batted ball)
  • Pitchers:
  • Receive throws at 2b, play 1b and 3b live, shag.

Drill was provided by Head Coach Ehren Earleywine and staff of Georgia Tech University. Visit the Web site at www.ramblinwreck.com.

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