Quality Soccer Training for Your Teen

Quality soccer training programs for young players are in high demand but short supply. While the number of youth teams on the field continues to grow, there are relatively few educated, professional coaches available. While well-meaning parent and school gym teachers may be able to teach your child the basics, high-level competitive skills can only be obtained from an expert.

Proper Training is a Must for Developing Soccer Players

If your child has ambitions beyond recreational soccer, the wrong training can be devastating. Unbalanced training can leave your player lacking in crucial areas. Coaches who are either brutal or unmotivated in their methods can damage a young players self esteem and sportsmanship, dulling their competitive edge.

Probably the greatest danger to your child from poor training is injury. Because children and teens are still developing physically, overtraining or incorrect technique can cause lasting and serious damage. One injury from bad training could end your child's future in the game and lead to a lifetime of problems.

How to Find the Perfect Training Program

Look for coaches that are licensed, educated in sports training and have played professional soccer, preferably at an international level. Coaches with dynamic qualifications are more likely to understand the specific needs of competitive soccer players.

The best instructors have honed their skills through experience they can pass on to young players. Make sure the program specializes in youth training and understands the fitness needs of growing kids.

A balanced program should focus on:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Technical precision
  • Tactical development
  • Sport psychology coaching.

How to Get Even More from a Soccer Training Program

Some soccer training camps and schools offer international programs that allow students to travel abroad and study language and culture alongside the game. The international soccer scene is incredibly competitive. Programs that expose young players to international teams offer a wealth of experience that simply can't be gained elsewhere.

Furthermore, traveling abroad is an unforgettable experience and will enrich your child's life immensely. In today's diverse society, cultivating appreciation for foreign languages and cultures can be a major advantage for your child. Keep this in mind as you are deciding on the right program for your player.


Joey Bilotta is?president of EduKick International Soccer Camps. To learn more about high-level competitive soccer training for young players and full-immersion soccer and language study visit http://www.edukick.com.

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