Building balance and coordination in soccer

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Ah, these nice big and technical words balance and coordination. How important do you think they are in soccer? Do you think you can control a soccer ball if you have no balance? Do you think you can shoot a ball if you have no coordination? We all know what the answers to those questions are.

And another thing, I don't like using these big technical words, can we agree that if you have rhythm then you should display both balance and coordination? So, if we work on our rhythm these other two big technical things will follow.

Could it be that easy -- work on your rhythm and you get these other two things? Yes, if you play at a rhythm where you're comfortable (whether it's fast or slow) your skills will work with your body to control the ball. Here's the tough part; it's very difficult to trust yourself. Doubts arise all the time that eat away at your playing confidence.

How do you counteract that doubt in your playing rhythm that will lead you to be more coordinated and balanced? Work on it. Now, I'm not breaking any new ground by saying practice, but I am breaking new ground when I'm saying what to practice, your rhythm.

I can't remember the last time I watched a professional sport with a lot of running and said, "That athlete is pretty good, but clumsy." Think back at any great performer in a sport and ask if they have good rhythm. Ten out of 10 times you'll say yes.

We at have recognized this and have created ways for soccer players to improve this aspect as well as many others. Your rhythm is the base of your game. Who do you think will improve more, a player who does not understand and fights his rhythm or one that works on it, trains it and is aware of it? Click here to learn more.