TRX Strength Exercises for Runners

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All running, all the time? More like some running, some of the time.

Gone are the days of running-only regimens, as strength and cross-training have become a necessary part of a runner's training plan.

Adding strength training to your workout schedule will not only make you faster and more efficient, it can also help prevent common running injuries and keep you off the injured reserve list.

To increase your running power and mobility, use these simple but effective body-weight exercises from TRX Training, designed specifically for runners. Perform all four sets of exercises below for a full-body, running-specific workout.

Hip and Ankle Mobility for Runners

Runners tend to overlook the importance of strong ankles and hips, but increasing mobility in these areas will likely prevent a running injury. This video also throws in an active plank to increase your overall stability.



Lower-Body and Core Strength for Runners 

This video includes challenging core and leg exercises, working the parts of your body you use most for running. These foundational movements will keep your critical muscles strong as you power through your next run.


Knee Drive and Posture

Your stride will determine how fast and how far you go in your run, and knee drive--or the lifting of your knee to propel yourself forward--is a big part of that. This video tackles both strength and mobility and includes a lot of lunging.


Leg Strength and Core Stability

This last video in the series focuses on single leg stability and hopes to identify any lingering imbalances between your left and right side. Imbalances can lead to an uneven and inefficient stride, so it's important to work out the kinks now.


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