Top 5 Women's Running Fashion Trends

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3. Compression Sleeves

The theory of compression is that it helps increase blood ?ow to the extremities, to speed up muscle recovery. Some runners wear arm sleeves to warm their arms on a cool day, without having to wear an extra layer over their core. Blah, blah, blah. Who cares how they work, compression sleeves look cool.

These aren't your grandma's support socks, ladies. The company Zensah offers an array of them in different styles and colors (like day-glo yellow, for example), so now you can look cute while saving your muscles!

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4. Fun, Feminine Patterns

Tired of plain old solid colors with boring company logos? Want to make a statement with patterns and prints? Cool clothing companies like INKnBURN, Life is Good and Prana have just the thing. Choose tank tops, tees and skirts in all sorts of designs, from henna-inspired prints to silhouetted ?owers to peacock patterns, and never be bored again.

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5. Funky and Unexpected

Just like in everyday life, you are encouraged to show off your personal style when you're on the run. Races and running events are the best places to ?nd a wide range of funky running fashions like cool bandanas, unique footwear, women and men in kilts, inspired color combinations, pajamas and even ballet tutus. Yes, tutus. Running is fun, and dressing for it should be as well. Nothing is against the rules. Go bananas.

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