The Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Running Apparel


If it’s cold enough to necessitate headwear, two things are paramount. First, your ears are a priority. There’s nothing worse than ears so cold they actually feel brittle. Second, unlike summer running, you will want to retain some of the heat that escapes through your head.

As with the rest of your gear, look for products with moisture-wicking capabilities—but also consider something soft and warm, because isn’t that the point?

headwearEditor’s Choice:

Under Armour No Breaks CGI beanie | $29.99

Featuring Under Armour’s ColdGear® Infrared technology, this beanie is available in Black or Ultra Blue. It uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner lining to absorb and retain body heat. In addition, to keep your head cool on warmer runs, the stylish skull cap also includes ear phone comfort inserts so you can listen to your favorite songs or podcasts without lifting the hat over your ears. 

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Mizuno Breath Thermo Windproof Headband | $27

Some days you just have to let your flow flow without freezing your ears off, and Mizuno has just the thing.

Another piece from the impressive Breath Thermo lineup, this windproof headband keeps you warm without ruining your hair day. One size fits most, and you’ll find that the headband is predictably soft but impressively snug, staying in place without sliding for the duration of your run. Its reflectivity gives the runner yet another element of increased visibility, as well.

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