The Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Running Apparel


Whether it’s frigid, drizzling rain or all of the above, the right running jacket is a lifesaver. Once upon a time, running in the cold meant layering your warmest gear and tossing a hooded sweatshirt over it like some kind of fleece trash bag. Our bodies couldn’t breathe, so we sweat profusely despite the outdoor temperature—and then we froze to death because of the outdoor temperature.

Insulation doesn’t have to be heavy, and a top layer added to deflect precipitation shouldn’t absorb it. Look for items with windproof nylon, a merino-blend fabric and/or a waterproof base.

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Brooks LSD Thermal Running Jacket | $160

This Brooks jacket is the perfect staple for your early morning runs in the fall. It’s lightly insulated so the morning breeze will wake you up, but after a quick warm-up, it’ll keep your core at a comfortable temperature.

The jacket also has reflective details for running in low light as well as inner and exterior pockets to store your essentials. The jacket, as well as the hood, is fitted to cut down on weight and the number of times you have to adjust your garment, so you can stay focused on your run.

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Lululemon Einn Shell | $398

Gentlemen, if you thought the popular apparel company outfitted only the women in your lives, that’s not the case. Exhibit A: the Einn Shell.

When the rain threatens your journey, the Einn Shell is the perfect solution. The waterproof Glyde fabric is seam-sealed (and shower tested) to keep you dry even if you find yourself trapped in a downpour. The back vent expels heat as well, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a humidifier around your neck.

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