The Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Running Apparel

Long Sleeves

It’s cool enough for sleeves, but not cold enough for a jacket. So, what’s the play? You need something that will allow you to maintain an optimal temperature—not something designed with the sole purpose of keeping you warm.

Gone are the days of thermals and polyester-heavy cold gear. Today, your long sleeve options include breathable fabrics that will open to increase airflow when you sweat, and close when you cool down to retain heat. It’d be magic if it wasn’t so scientific.

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Nike Therma Sphere Element Running Top | $80

Fall temperatures drop quickly in some parts of the country, and if you’re planning on hitting the pavement during especially cold weather, we can’t recommend this Nike Therma running top enough. Made with the brand’s Sphere fabric, it’s a warmer alternative to most long-sleeves and feels similar to a thermal (hence the name) when you first throw it on.

Though the material is thick and warm, Nike kept the design streamlined, eliminating any unnecessary bulk. And with the tighter fit, it’ll not only lock in your natural body heat but also stay close enough to your skin for the sweat-wicking technology to work its magic. If that’s not enough, the top also has fold-over mittens with thumbholes for max functionality and a side-zipper pocket so you can throw your keys in and go.

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Mizuno Breath Thermo Seamless ½ Zip | $80

As running half-zips go, good luck topping this one. Mizuno’s Breath Thermo line is a performance high-moisture transfer fabric, which means the clothes actually become warmer as you sweat. The fabric converts the moisture into heat.

The garment’s moisture management system is outstanding, and yet, the fit and feel of the Breath Thermo half-zip is even better. Toeing the line between a close-to-the-body fit and breathability can be a considerable task, but Mizuno pulls it off in grand fashion.

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