The Top Endurance Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

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For a medium that arose in the early 2000s, podcasting is more popular and relevant now more than ever. It's become a go-to favorite for long-form storytelling and interviews for a wide range of topics, industries and niches. 

It's no surprise the endurance scene has undoubtedly embraced podcasting, with athletes around the world tuning in to listen to their favorite shows while they spend countless training hours swimming, cycling and running.

While we could serve up our favorite true crime and news podcasts we listen to, here we gathered a handful of podcasts that tackle endurance-related topics, including race recaps, gear reviews, pro athlete interviews and training tips. 

So sit back and relax (or fire up the ol' dreadmill), and let's get started. 


Started as the "Stages" podcast by Lance Armstrong to recap each stage of the Tour de France, the show grew to include a wider scope of content and was renamed TheMove. Armstrong and the team (often featuring U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team alums George Hincapie and Johan Bruyneel) chat about anything from IRONMAN events to cycling monuments. Say what you will about Armstrong's history—he and his team have created a charismatic program that takes the listener "inside these worlds of suffering and splendor like no one else."

Listen to TheMove, here

TrainingPeaks CoachCast

TrainingPeaks is known for its tools designed to help coaches better manage, track and analyze its athletes' endurance training, but you might be surprised to know it has a podcast, too. It's designed for coaches, but even if you're an athlete, CoachCast a great window into the endurance industry. The podcast features different coaches, athletes and thought leaders in each episode—including the likes of Kristin Armstrong, Michael Lovato and Jim Miller.

Listen to CoachCast, here

VeloNews Podcast 

Hosted by the editors of VeloNews themselves, the VeloNews Podcast is probably one of the most diverse on this list. They cover anything from industry news and cycling gear to bike maintenance advice and athlete interviews. Of course, the team also serves up some hot takes and predictions when it comes to the big races on the calendar as well. It's a fun, easy-to-listen-to podcast, for cycling fans by cycling fans.

Listen to the VeloNews Podcast, here

Triathlete Magazine's Podcasts

We're cheating a bit here with this pick, but we can't get enough of Triathlete Magazine's recently refreshed line of podcasts. The editorial team offers three: The Triathlete Hour features interviews with top people in the sport, Fitter & Faster is focused on training tips to make you faster and the Gear Up Podcast discusses all things—you guessed it—tri-related gear. They've featured such iconic triathlon personalities as Craig Alexander, Mike Reilly and Katie Zaferes‚ just to name a few.

Listen to Triathlete Magazine's podcasts, here

Trail Runner Nation

Hosted by Scott Warr and Don Freeman, the Trail Runner Nation podcast has become a fan-favorite in the running scene. They cover all manner of trail running-related topics that cater to both novice and more advanced athletes, including training tips, athlete and coach interviews, diet tips and more. If you're just getting into trail running (or simply want a refresher), we recommend checking out Episode 472: Ten Things New Trail Runners Should Know

Listen to Trail Runner Nation, here.

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