The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering Your Running Gear

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Donate, Recycle or Trade in Your Old Electronics  

As runners, we love the latest and greatest tech. Which means that many of us might have older models of our GPS watches hanging about.
If you have watches you no longer use, check with Amazon's trade-in program or places like BuyBackWorld to see if you can pocket a little cash from your old devices.  

If your device doesn't qualify for a trade-in, be sure to recycle it or dispose of it properly. Check with your local community for locations for free electronics recycling. 

If you'd like to donate an older working device, check local schools or running stores for programs who might be able to use them, such as Girls On the Run. 

Curate Your T-shirt Collection

Pick your favorite, best fitting shirts and keep those. Donate or toss the rest.  

Have race t-shirts that you no longer wear but still love? Consider turning them into an Etsy t-shirt quilt.

Have shirts you love, but can't stand the smell of? Before you toss them in the trash, it might be worth giving them a wash in a specially designed sport detergent (like WIN) to see if you can remove the odor.  

Proudly Display Those Items That Spark Joy

Medal wall hangers: One of my favorite gifts from a runner friend was a hanging medal display. I love being able to see the reminders of past accomplishments as I train for new ones. (Find similar ones on Etsy). 

Frame your bibs: I bought a set of cheap floating frames at a craft store and used them to display my marathon bibs with their corresponding medals. This wall is a favorite spot in my house and never fails to give me a spark of joy when I see it.  

So what's the verdict? Overall, the KonMari process was a hugely positive experience. I love being surrounded by the best of my running memories, and it felt good to let go of some of the t-shirts from races I'd rather forget. 

The medals and race bibs proudly displayed remind me of the work I put in to achieve my goals, and provide silent encouragement when I'm struggling. The empty spaces in my drawer of running clothes hold the promise of technical t-shirts yet to be earned—of races to come, new adventures to be celebrated.  

And while there's no guarantee that my newly tidied running gear will help me secure a PR, it's definitely made getting dressed in the dark at 5 a.m. for those early morning runs a whole lot easier.