The Coolest Things in Running: March 11

Welcome to our "Coolest Things" series. Each week, the running editors at will tell you about the coolest things happening in the running industry so you're never a step (or fartlek) behind. See last week's post here.

Reebok Challenges Presidential Candidates to Run a 10-Minute Mile

Presidential Seal

A 10-minute mile is a common goal for many runners—and soon it may be one for presidential candidates, too.

Reebok recently announced it would donate $50,000 to the health charity of a candidate's choosing, if he or she could run a mile in 10 minutes or less. 

So far none of the candidates have taken Reebok up on the offer, but it wouldn't be the first time presidential politics have intersected with the joy of running.

From President Jimmy Carter declaring National Jogging Day on October 14, 1978, to President Bill Clinton making the rounds in a pair of impressively short shorts (you must Google it), the presidency and running have long gone hand-in-hand.

Reebok is hoping the challenge will highlight the importance of exercise in a well-rounded individual. "In essence, a better, more rigorous workout builds a better, more rigorous brain," the brand's blog says. "And a better brain can't hurt when you're on the global stage."

Though our current President may favor a game of pickup basketball to a run, we're still holding out hope for his replacement.

RunningUSA Wants to Hear From You 


RunningUSA, the not-for-profit organization dedicated to all things distance running, has officially released their 2016 National Runner Survey.

The annual survey highlights trends, habits and preferences of thousands of runners across the United States and provides one of the most all-encompassing views of the current state of running.

The public survey takes no more than 10 minutes to complete and includes questions on all your running habits, from why you run, to how often, to what (or who) you run with. 

This year's survey places a special emphasis on emerging trends in the running and racing community: participant social media usage, non-traditional vs. traditional events and ethnic and female participation trends.

Take the survey here.