Spirit of the Marathon

Award-winning film is an inspirational journey to and through the marathon

In celebration of the 2009 Chicago Marathon, the award-winning movie, Spirit of the Marathon, will return for one night only!

Screenings will take place at 6 and 8:30 p.m. on Monday, October 5 at the Film Row Cinema. 
Film Row Cinema
Columbia College
1104 South Wabash
8th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60605

Tickets are available for advance purchase at www.marathonmovie.com.
And if you're headed to the Chicago Marathon Expo on October 9-10, be sure to stop by the Active.com booth where you'll get a chance to meet Olympic bronze medalist and Chicago Marathon champion, Deena Kastor, and catch-up with the Spirit of the Marathon cast and filmmakers. 

Spirit of the Marathon is a film that takes a close and very personal look at the marathon as never before. The film stars professional marathoners Deena Kastor and Daniel Njenga, as well as four unique and determined amateurs, all preparing for the same event: the 2005 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

The marathon is presented as a mass participatory event seen through the training and race-day perspective of the six individuals. The film also explores the emotional experiences and bonding of participants and spectators in a race, relates the growth and mass appeal of the marathon in contemporary society, and explores recent history and ancient traditions.

The filmmakers know marathons. And they clearly have tremendous passion for the historic event. They create a stirring, intensely personal account of a dramatic race after months of preparation, obstacles, setbacks, determined perseverance—and finally triumph. They have produced a masterpiece with lessons that transcend sport. No, this is not a sports documentary. But parallels are drawn through the experiences, empowerment and sense of accomplishment of a half-dozen people in a field of tens of thousands preparing for and running one of the world’s largest and most prestigious marathons.

Produced and directed by award-winning Jon Dunham, a fervent marathon runner (more than two dozen to his credit—four Chicago Marathons); along with executive producer Mark Jonathan Harris, a three-time Academy Award winner; and producer/marathoner Gwendolen Twist, this outstanding film follows the determined and emotional journey of two of the world’s best marathon runners and four amateurs—two running their first marathon—as they prepare for, and finally complete, the Chicago Marathon. Hundreds of hours of film shot on four continents have been condensed into a fantastic, clever and dramatic view of the sport from a perspective never before seen in theaters. The filmmakers bring us incredible footage of the Chicago Marathon, despite the unbelievably hectic environment of race day.

The recognized stars are Deena Kastor of California, Olympic bronze medalist and American record holder, and Daniel Njenga of Nyahururu, Kenya, winner of several major marathons and ranked in the world’s top 10. Also starring are Lori O’Connor, Ryan Bradley, Leah Caille and Jerry Meyers, all from the Chicago area, and all inexperienced in marathon running, but just as dedicated to critical personal goals.

Deena Kastor—Distance Running Superstar

Deena Kastor is a star athlete and has a starring role in this film. She is one of the USA’s most accomplished distance runners, best known for her Olympic bronze medal in Athens in 2004. She holds many American records from 5K (world record) to the marathon.

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