Running Gear That Will Make Your Next Run More Comfortable

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As runners, we're all familiar with the feeling of discomfort, but the thing is—we want it to be on our own terms. The burn you get from a good speed workout? Bring it on. But when it comes to things like chafing and blisters? Not so much. We recently crowd-sourced the latest and greatest products to make your next run just a little bit more convenient and comfier. Check out the gear that made the list!

Koala Clip

Carrying a phone has become a must for many runners, but what if your favorite gear doesn't have pockets? Enter the Koala Clip, a fabric pouch that can be clipped on to the back of a sports bra or a waistband. It doesn't move or bounce, and the fabric is designed to protect your phone from sweat (and the elements). And some versions include a separate pocket to safely stash keys or a credit card.

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Nathan Speed Draw Flask

This 18-ounce double-walled flask keeps your drink colder for longer, and the specialty cap delivers short bursts of fluid that won't slow you down. No dribbles or gushes of water here! And most of Nathan's flasks come with a zippered pocket to hold energy gels or other essentials. 

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Tracksmith Allston Pocket Bra

Sports-bra wearers have been stashing keys and cash in their bras for ages (or at least since sports bras were invented in the 1970s!), but the Allston Pocket Bra is a serious upgrade. The internal pocket stores your stuff safely while the quick-drying performance material prevents chafing. Pockets aside, we bet the buttery-soft fabric and cute design will make this your new favorite piece.

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Swiftwick Flite XT Socks

One runner says she feels like Wonder Woman when she slips on a new pair of running socks—and who doesn't want to feel that way? If you're looking to up your sock game, check out the Flite XT socks from Swiftwick. The material includes an innovative grip fiber to prevent your foot from slipping inside your shoe, as well as sweat-wicking material to keep you dry. Have plans for running on unstable surfaces or lateral movements (e.g. soccer)? This sock claims to have targeted ankle support to keep you stable. Whether you're in it for the tech or just love a new pair of socks, this is a low budget way to #treatyoself.

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Run in Rabbit FKT Trail Shorts

If you're here for the pocket game, take a look at the FKT Trail Shorts from Run in Rabbit. These bottoms are made of super lightweight material (no soggy bums!) and include a brief liner that won't itch or chafe. The shorts come in a range of lengths and there are two generous side pockets and a rear zip pocket (big enough for most smart phones). 

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Aftershokz Aeropex headphones 

There's no shortage of Bluetooth headphone options, but if you struggle with them bouncing around or find yourself constantly jamming them back in your ear canal, there might be a better option. Runners of all levels sing the praises of Aftershokz bone conduction headphones. They sit just over your ears (not inside) and the bone conduction technology ensures you can still hear background noise, such as cars and cyclists. Plus, they're sweat proof and have a long battery life (8 hours!).

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