Newbie Runners Guide to Get on the Road

It Feels Too Hard

FIX #6 Talk to yourself
Exercisers who repeated an inspiring phrase (such as I am strong and beautiful!) aloud at least three times before running a mile went faster and felt better than when they did the same run without the mantra, according to research from the University of Nevada.

FIX #7 Partner up
Not only is exercising with a friend more fun than going solo, but the company also may make your workout feel easier, according to a recent British study. Researchers believe the camaraderie may heighten levels of mood-boosting hormones.

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I'm Constantly Winded

FIX #8 Slow down
As you become fitter, your body will become more efficient at converting oxygen into energy. Then you'll be able to go faster without getting breathless.

FIX #9 Breathe through your nose and mouth
Forget the old wives' tale that air through your nose is better for you. Quite simply, you need more oxygen to support running or fast walking, and using both your nose and mouth is the most efficient way to get it, says Higdon.

FIX #10 Practice belly breathing
Allowing your chest and belly to expand as you take a breath relaxes your body so it can get oxygen to your muscles more efficiently during exercise, says Susan Joy, MD, director of Women's Sports Health at Cleveland Clinic. Practice it while you're on hold or waiting in line at the grocery store, then try it while you run.

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