Last Minute Marathons for the Best Shot at Boston Qualifying

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Registration for the 2020 Boston Marathon opens up on Monday, September 9th, 2019. If you haven't secured your BQ (Boston Qualifier) yet or if you want a bigger time cushion to guarantee entry, time's running out.

Here are five races that have a high percentage of BQ finishers to help you closer to the starting line in Hopkinton in April.

Tunnel Vision Marathon

August 18, 2019 in North Bend, Washington

This second-fastest BQ qualifying course saw 40 percent of its runners secure a spot in 2018. It's a point-to-point race with a consistent downhill grade and a low elevation start—perfect for fast running.
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Boston Bound Marathon

September 1, 2019 in Suwanee, Georgia

With a name like Boston Bound, you know a high percentage of runners earn a BQ at this race. A super flat and super fast 1-mile course...yes, that's right. You will run a 1-mile course over and over and over. Don't worry about being bored. There's on-course music and entertainment.
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Erie Marathon

September 8, 2019 in Erie, Pennsylvania

On average, more than 30 percent of Erie Marathon finishers earn a BQ. This race is indeed a last minute effort to secure your spot in Boston. The race is on Sunday, September 8—the day before registration opens. The flat and fast course provides views of Lake Erie, as well as the City of Erie Bayfront and miles of coastline beaches, marshes and wooded paths.

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Beantown Marathon

September 8, 2019 in Hingham, Massachusetts

This marathon was founded for one reason—to give runners one last chance at a Boston qualifier time. In 2018, 40 percent of runners locked in a BQ. The course consists of six loops on a quiet, closed course. There's a pace-staggered wave start based on desired finish time to help aid in getting you across the finish line the fastest you can.

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Last Chance BQ.2

September 14, 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Another race with one goal—secure a BQ! It's ranked as the No. 1 race for earning a BQ—65 percent of finishers in the 2018 got their BQ at this race. Before the race starts, you will line up with the people with the same qualifying time, so you can work together with others who have the same goal.

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