Interval Workouts 101: The Best Way to Get Faster

Interval Training WILL Increase Your Speed!

Most active runners set aside 1-3 days per week to do interval training because of its important place in a solid training regimen. Ideally, you should set at least one day aside for this, even if you only run a few days per week. By effectively mixing intervals into your routine, you will find that you'll get much more out of your distance or timed runs. Interval training is a fantastic way to improve your stamina for those tough parts of the run when you would normally hit the brakes and slow down.

By properly including intervals into your running routine, you'll find yourself not only pushing through the tough times in your training, but you'll also be astounded by that extra speed you have at the end of a race. Your mile pace will improve dramatically and you will be setting a new personal best in no time!

Interval Workouts to Try


  • 400m warm up jog and stretch
  • Start set one with 2x200m sprints and 2x400m sprints with full recovery inbetween intervals
  • Repeat sets twice 5 minutes recovery time in between each set


  • 400m warm up jog and stretch
  • Run four quick 50m sprints
  • Then start your sets of 3x400m and 800m intervals with 2 minutes recovery time
  • Repeat sets twice with 3 minutes recovery time


  • 600m warm up jog and stretch
  • Run four quick 50m sprints
  • Start your set of 4x400m and 1200m intervals with 3 minute recovery periods
  • For the second set take 4-minute recovery times.

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