iFitness Hydration Belt Review

My only issue with the fit is in the belt's sizing. It comes in either small/medium (for waists up to 36 inches), or large (for waists over 36 inches). If you're a man, you probably won't have a problem. But if you're a petite woman (with a 24 or 25 inch waist), you may have difficulty cinching it tight enough to prevent bouncing.  I had to modify the strap with a safety pin in order to get a proper fit (I have to do this with most heart rate monitor straps too so I'm used to it). Because some female runners are tiny, I'd like to see the addition of an XS size to accommodate smaller waists.

After I modified the strap I had no issues with bouncing, chafing, or the belt riding up around my stomach.

*UPDATE:  iFitness just notified me that a smaller size will be available soon.


The iFitness Hydration Belt is extremely well made. The belt material is thick and nicely stitched. The clasp is heavy duty. The bottle carriers are study. The actual water bottles are BPA-free and thick but still squeezable. The tops thread nicely without leakage, an issue with some other brands.


Overall, I really liked the iFitness Hydration Belt.  It's comfortable and durable.  I'd opt for the 8-oz.bottles over the 6 oz., and I'd recommend purchasing two add-ons for longer runs, unless you have access to a water fountain to refill bottles along the way.

iFitness Hydration Belts are available online and retail for $39.95 for the version with two 8-oz. bottles or $36.95 for the version with 6-oz. bottles.

(iFitness supplied the Hydration Belt for this review.)

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