iFitness Hydration Belt Review

Hydration belts have been around for years, and for the most part they keep getting better. The nice thing about a multiple- bottle belt is that it distributes the weight of the water around your waist, generally making them less noticeable than a single bottle carrier or a waist pack with a bladder.

The iFitness Hydration Belt is one of the most comfortable on the market, with a couple of cool extra features that add to its appeal.


Unlike most hydration belts that clasp in the front, the iFitness belt is meant to be clasped in the back.  The belt holds two water bottles (6 or 8 oz. each) that sit at an angle and rest against the upper part of your thighs. Because the bottles are in the front, they're easy to access.

Between the two bottle carriers is a neoprene zippered pocket that is large enough to hold a smart phone, with an internal place to stash your ID, a credit card or some cash.  The neoprene is water resistant, and it definitely keeps your stuff sweat and rain-free (as long as you don't submerge it or take it out in a monsoon).

There are two additional elastic straps on either side of the bottle carriers to hold gels.

The belt also has the added feature of two toggles in the front to attach your race number. 

Note: If you want to carry more water, hydration add-ons are sold separately that slide onto the belt.

Fit and Feel

How high or low you wear a hydration belt is a matter of personal preference.  To me the iFitness belt feels most comfortable when it's worn around the hips, with top of the belt resting 1 to 3 inches below your belly button. This is a little lower than I wear most hydration belts, but it's also more comfortable than most because the belt never squeezes your belly.

Although it's meant to be worn with the bottles in front, it is just as comfortable (if not more so) to wear it backwards and have the bottles rest in back a couple of inches behind your hip bones. Because the carriers hold the bottles at an angle, they're still easy to access. The only problem with wearing the belt backwards is that you won't be able to use the toggles to attach your race bib. Most events require your number to be worn in front.

The stretchy belt is incredibly comfortable, and whether your wear it frontward or backward, the water bottles don't get in the way of your arm swing or bang up against your hip bones.

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