How to Finish a 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race

The Head Game

One hundred miles of mountain biking is a long time to be happy and focused. Having goals and staying task-oriented are the keys. Remember at all times your goal: to finish. This keeps everything in the correct perspective and in general keeps your self-talk positive when you are behind schedule or you feel too many racers are in front of you. Keep your eyes on your prize and don't allow distractions to derail you.

But accidents and incidents do occur, from flat tires to developing leg cramps, interrupting your A race plan. When plan A goes awry, stay task focused and immediately get on the job of fixing what went wrong and moving on with plan B. Never waste time and energy getting annoyed that plan A didn't work out perfectly. One hundred miles is far too long for everything to work out perfectly. How to successfully deal with mishaps is part of the ultra mountain bike game.

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Second in line to your stomach for TLC is your bike. You depend on your steed to make it over the finish line.

Here are some care tips:

  • Start with a bike in tip-top condition.
  • Don't crash. Crashing has a tendency to break non-repairable parts, including frames.
  • Put lube on your chain one to four times during the event depending on conditions. Use a long lasting lube.
  • Shift gently and smoothly.
  • Ride around deep puddles, not through them, especially hub and bottom bracket deep puddles. These parts dislike swimming.
  • Walk your bike through any technical section you are unsure about.
  • Allow cadence to drop in the second half of the race as your legs get tired.
  • Take up the challenge of your first 100 miler with a plan and finish with a smile.

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