Gear Picks for Three Types of Runners

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Years ago all you needed was a basic sports watch to calculate time and distance. But with new technology that can track everything from heart rate to calories to elevation, the true pavement warrier has a bevy of helpful—and sometimes costly—gadgets at their disposal.

Chest: If you're running seriously, you probably know your resting and maximum heart rates. Calculate your peak performance times by strapping on a heart rate monitor like the Tickr Workout Tracker from Wahoo Fitness. The monitor wraps around your chest to monitor cadence and ground contact time, and syncs with most running apps.

Wrist: Make room on your wrist for a step-counter. There are many to choose from, but one of our favorites is the Fitbit Surge, which tracks your heart rate and can even replace your regular sports watch with its GPS tracking.

Waist: We've come a long way from fanny packs. Add a waist pack like the comfortable, no-bounce SPI belt, which is great for storing gels, keys, ID cards and even your phone.

Shoes: Lace up your shoes with the Milestone Pod and get feedback on your mileage, pace, cadence, foot strike, and more. This gadget will even let you know when it's time to retire your running shoes and break in a new pair.

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