Coach Jenny's 11 Running Gear Must-Haves for Spring

Zoot Recovery Sandal

What do you get when you combine cooking and functional footwear? Customizable (heat them in the oven) recovery sandals for men and women that mold to your personal foot type and a functional, comfortable sandal.  I love them so much that I wear them year round to keep my feet conditioned and strengthened for summer footwear.



Sheex- Performance Bedding

The quality of your next workout or race depends on how well you recover, and sleep plays a leading role.  As the world's first performance bedding, Sheex was developed by two female athletes with one goal in mind – to help people sleep better so they can perform at their peak in life. Sheex features the latest innovations in breathability, temperature control, moisture management and luxurious comfort to help you sleep better.   It transfers body heat two times more effectively than cotton, allowing the body to cool itself for faster, deeper sleep onset and breathes nearly 50 percent better to reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. Sweet dreams.

Queen Set: $199,

THRIV Natural Performance Crew Tee

Lightweight and very comfortable, the Thriv Running Crew wicks like a technical shirt but feels like silky, soft cotton.  THRIV wear has anti-odor technology and UPF 50+ for protection.  Made from a blend of 55 percent organic cotton, 40 percent Viscose from Bamboo and 5 percent Elastane, Thriv is re-inventing performance fabrics and putting the comfort back in running apparel.


Coach Jenny Hadfield is an Active Expert and the co-author of the best-selling Marathoning for Mortals, and the Running for Mortals and Training for Mortals series. She is also a columnist for Women's Running and Runners World.

Coach Jenny has trained thousands of runners and walkers with her training plans. Improve your running performance or train for your next event with Coach Jenny's Active Trainer Plans. You can ask her a training question on her Ask Coach Jenny page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.




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