Beer and Running: Two Hops in a Pod

Running for Brews

Another group, Running for Brews, was established in 2010 in Dunedin, Florida, by five runners who loved the sport and the brews. Today, the club has multiple locations across the country and 10,000 members.

And it's not only because the carbonated drink feels good after a run.

"The craft beer industry has been exploding, and brew runners from all of the country have found their new true love. There is nothing better than sipping a delicious craft brew after a sweaty run," says John McMahan, marketing director for Running for Brews.

As in other groups around the country, both of these groups offer runners of all levels the chance to have fun both during and after the workout.

Of course, the act of drinking beer and running collides in the beer mile events, which have been gaining momentum in the last year or so, catering to the "skill" of running a mile while downing a beer every quarter.

When asked if the beer running clubs are more about the drinks or the workouts, McMahan says neither.

"Beer and running are the catalysts to the overall picture," he says. "Running for Brews was founded on a sense of community and meeting new people in the area. Our mission from day one was to create an organization that surrounds new connections and relationships."

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Blaikie says that some people see it as a preemptive strike on calories and carbs.

"If they are going to have a couple beers, why not burn off some calories before imbibing? Also, beer at the finish line can be a huge motivator," he says.

The motivation for many is just to connect with more people.

"It feels very rewarding to bring such a great group of people together for physical and social health," he says. "We have doctors and construction workers running together, then chatting over a beer. We have had overweight folks run their first 5K, we even had ultra-marathoners training for 100Ks."

We know the pastime of running isn't going anywhere, and it's pretty evident people are still producing excellent craft brews, so it looks like the beer and running trend is here to stay.

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